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Wandering Blade 3
Talon was nearing Piltover, guessing that he was still about a day's ride away. He's been riding for at least four days, taking more time than it should have been. The reason why it was taking so long was because on his way there, several bandits and a few assassins from both Zaun and Noxus. He had to change course several times to get to lose some of his pursuers when he couldn't confront them face to face head on. So instead of taking a two day ride at full speed, he had to take a long four day ride due to unnecessary pests. The only good thing that came out of this was the fact that the annoying summoner, Tokuhiro, had kept his end of the bargain and hadn't spoken to him since the entire ordeal with Riven. So Talon was now just taking a slow pace, for the horse was tired.
As he rode over a hill, he saw what he his destination ahead: the great city of Piltover. It was situated on a small mountain mountain, towering over a lush green marsh. It was a city full of towering white buildin
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Mature content
The Wandering Blade chapter 2 :iconsunwraith:sunwraith 2 1
The Wandering Blade
Disclaimer: My brother and I do not own League of Legends or its characters. They are owned by Riot Games.
Author's Note: First League of Legends fanfic, not my first fanfic, but my first in the League of League This is the story of Talon, after being admitted into the League and in his search for the missing general. We will try to incorporate every champion there, as well as try to keep it close to the original character personalities as possible.
Edit: We forgot to mention that, we will try to add various genres into this while we write. While it may first and foremost be an action story, there will be hints of humor and romance sprinkled in it. Sadly we cannot think of a good pairing for Talon, our main character, so that romance will come WAYYYY later.
Deep in the underground levels of the Noxian Empire, the nightlife was up and about. Vendors selling their items to those who can afford it, women selling themselves for extra gold, people robbing each other of their jewels and othe
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-Would you want to be immortal?
Immortality is overrated. I'd like to die a nice peaceful death.

-Do you want to travel back in time?
Fuck no! My time is mine alone, I wouldn't change one memory for they are what make me who I am.

-If you had the choice, would you want a game or story you know to come to life? If so, what one?
Yup! Hmm...what game or story? Either monster hunter (any version) or pokemon (any version as well) though I would have to physically condition myself to handle all of those beasts.

-What's your favorite element? And, for what reason?
Ice and fire. What? With those two I can say "Fuck you temperature! You got no hold on me!"

-If you could wield one kind of magic (only one, mind you), what would it be?
The ability to make something out of nothing (alchemy more or less)

-If you had the power to save or obliterate humanity, which would you choose and why?
Save it. Humanity is just so nice. Sure we got our flaws, but that's what makes us human.

-Do you prefer the fantasy or the science fiction genre?
More of a fantasy type of guy...

-Roman numerals (I, II, III), written numbers (one, two, three) or Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3)?
Arabic, those idiots who were always messing around with roman numerals can go screw themselves.

-What language do you really want to learn?
Japanese (but I'm already learning it lol). Now mastery over it. That would be great.

-Last question. Do you express yourself with visuals (pictures) or with words (literature)?
Um...depends on the situation, mostly words though. Visuals still need to be tweaked a bit.

-Now, tag 10 people (minimum). They must do this journal.
sadly i don't have any friends here...
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